Lychee Mania

I am totally addicted to lychees these days. They are those little, white-fleshed, fragrant fruits that are covered by a hard, pinkish, bumpy shell. Originally from mainland China, they are now grown right here in the US, mainly in Florida. Their flavor is what I can only describe as a mixture of pure sugar cane juice and rose cologne. I just found out that Trader Joe’s – my favorite all around shopping destination – has some wonderful canned lychees available, packed in syrup and at their usually affordable prices. Lychees make excellent drinks and desserts. For some great drink recipes, check out this site I just found, dedicated to “all things lychees”. Click on LycheesOnline for more info. My personal favorites are the “Lychee Martini”and the “Lychee Mint Champagne”, which can be totally done with an Italian Prosecco or the Spanish version, Cava. But a new personal preferred dessert is the one I just tried at Chinese Mirch, here in NYC’s Curry Hill. Just get some plain, supermarket variety vanilla ice cream and scoop it in the middle of a medium sized plate. Add the lychees whole all around, making a complete circle and serve, with a sprig of mint for decoration. It is phenomenally delicious and will add an exotic touch to any meal.

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