Absolut Anthem – Watch It!

Production designer James Chinlund has teamed up with director Rupert Sanders to bring us the next installation of those forever striking Absolut vodka short films. A sheer minute long, but simply chock full of inventive twists, turns and extraordinary locations, the spot is a must see, which is why I am featuring in my Films column.

Ever opened a fashion magazine? Then you know James Chinlund’s work. He’s the production designer behind the most stunning Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Miu Miu and H & M images… But if you don’t do fashion -- perhaps you’re a guy or just not interested -- then you must have seen his work on the Pirelli calendar, the one featuring ultra sexy images of Penelope Cruz and Hilary Swank, or his skills employed in the film ‘Requiem for a Dream’. Trust me, if you have a pulse, you’ve witnessed James Chinlund’s talent.

British-born director Rupert Sanders may not be the best known name in the film business YET. But he is nearly confirmed to direct the next Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Low Dweller‘. So, his fame days are coming. Hope he is enjoying the calm before the storm…

I leave you with these dauntingly beautiful images and a few words of caution: Always Drink Responsibly. It’s our right to have fun, but our responsibility to keep our fellow earth dwellers safe.

Images and video courtesy of The Magnet Agency

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  1. Hessie Jones:

    Hi there, thanks for posting this. I work with Absolut in Canada and we’re gearing up for The Canadian version of the Absolut Anthem Campaign. We just created a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolut-Canada-Do-Things-Differently/153504361606?ref=ts and here we’ll announce a cool campaign that allows users to actually create their own Absolut Worlds. Please stay tuned! Oh, by the way, I’d love to feature your blog post on our FB page. Please tell me if that’s ok.

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