Solidarity T-Shirts – Paulo Coelho and Mango team up for the Good Fight

Do you often find yourself quoting the wisdom of author Paulo Coelho? If you are anything like me, you constantly use Master Coelho’s phrases to inspire those around you, pick up your friends’ mood when things just aren’t looking pink in their lives and disperse on a regular basis the sound advice of this modern-day Brazilian-born prophet.

Well, these days you are in luck. Now you can remind those around you of his wise words by wearing the new Solidarity T-shirts created especially for Spanish retailer Mango, and officially authorized by Paulo Coelho. In fact, the Master has personally approved this new venture, even though he typically shies from selling or even gifting the rights to any of his work. Just ask poor ol’ Laurence Fishburne about his experience with buying the rights to Coelho global anthem to finding oneself – ‘The Alchemist’. I won’t bore you with the details, but lets just say the film never saw the light of day…

So, for just a very reasonable $29.90 you can sport such favorites as “The Good Fight is the one that we fight in the name of our dreams”, “When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to help you realize your desire” and “Love is the key to understanding all mysteries”… And all on cutely colorful, form-fitting and fabulously fashionable T-shirts. Can’t lose with this one is how I see it… 

Images courtesy of Factory PR

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