Five to Survive a NYC Winter

Apart from a mild case of SAD each winter, I am also faced with dry skin, rough elbows and heels AND limp hair once the weather turns cold. Makes you imagine a vision of beauty, right? But thankfully there are a few beauty products – and one natural heal-all – that keep me well moisturized, pretty and sane once December rolls around. And they are so easily available that truly, it would be incredibly selfish of me not to share them with my Ajnabee dosts. I’ll start from the bottom up, the outside in… Here they are.

KIEHL’S INTENSE TREATMENT & MOISTURIZER FOR DRY OR CALLOUSED AREAS – Part intense moisturizer, part miracle, this is what I use on my feet all year round and increase areas of application to knees and elbows during the winter. It’s also amazing on hands at night, you’ll wake up with soft, baby skin there too after applying the night before. As a former shoe model, I have tried it all for soft feet and nothing until this product worked. For an intense application, apply liberally and wear socks to bed. Sleep on it and voilá, your feet will be soft and cute, like they were when you were a baby! Available in two sizes, 3.4 fl. oz at $22.50 or 8 fl oz at $47.00 on the Kiehl’s website.

KIEHL’S CREME DE CORPS – It’s by far the simplest product out there, no fragrance, no fuss but I’ve not been able to find anything that is remotely as great! A simple body moisturizer that goes on smooth, dries quickly and leaves you ready to dress in minutes. And though I was a constant sufferer of pulling skin during the winter – that uncomfortable condition where your skin is so dry that it pulls and itches – since using this cream I have been hassle and itch free. Available in three sizes 4.2 fl oz at $16.50, 16.9 fl oz at $44.50 or one liter at $70. I keep the liter bottle with pump in my bathroom year round. Oh, yeah during the summer it makes for the best sheen on sexy gams… 

PETER THOMAS ROTH’S MEGA RICH CREAM – The full name is “Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme” and it’s one of the few face creams that is not immediately absorbed by my skin. I’m from a school of thinking that enjoys a bit of glisten on my face, even under make-up. I have always equated dry with aged, old skin, so when my skin is radiant and dewy I feel like the product I am using is successful. If you are not from that school then this cream is not for you. But if you like dewy and bright, then stock up on this at Sephora, a 1.7 oz jar goes for $85 but will last you for three good months, used once a day in the morning. A bit less if you also wish to use it as a night cream. I personally discourage that since you should leave your skin to breathe during the regenerative night hours.

OJON’S HYDRATING THICKENING CONDITIONER – As someone with fine hair, who’s also had to color it for a while now due to premature grey genes on my father’s side, I’ve always had to choose between products that provided hydration, to preserve the color and thickening ones, to give my hair some volume. Then along came Ojon and gave me both. This conditioner is what I love during the summer, or while I’m traveling. But during the winter months it becomes a way of life, when I resort to using it as a masque as well, leaving it in for twenty minutes on freshly shampooed, towel dried hair in the morning. Rinse well, style and you’ll see just what I mean. Comes in two sizes, a tiny travel size available at Sephora for $9.00 and the regular 250 ml for $24.00. Try it out in the small size just to get an idea of how well it works, then switch to the full size for convenience.

And finally…

CHOCOLATE! - Indeed, that is my secret ingredient during the winter. It’s been proven to contain antioxidants, it’s heart warming and lets not forget all that great cocoa butter which is the best moisturizer both inside and out. The smell and taste of chocolate just seem better in the winter and even a hot cup made with soy or rice milk is the perfect pick me up, with zero guilt and all of the taste. Please stay away from cookies, M & Ms and all around junk food containing chocolate. That will only wreak havoc on your complexion and your immune system since it’s pumped with unhealthy sugars. Opt instead for some high quality chocolate bars like Dagoba or Vere, or even something less pricey from Trader Joe’s. Just insist on high chocolate content, low sugar and unadulterated organic cocoa where possible. N-joy!

Images courtesy of Kiehl’s, Peter Thomas Roth, Ojon and Dagoba

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