Silk Screen Brings Spice & Films to Pittsburgh

If you are looking for something to do to help you celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, what better than a festival devoted to the diversity of Asian cinema? And if you find yourself in Pittsburgh this coming weekend and all through next week, that festival is the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival.

Among the films showcased there will be Dilip Mehta’s ‘Cooking with Stella’, which I have yet to see and am infinitely curious about, Raja Menon’s wonderful ‘Barah Aana’ and Joseph Mathew Varghese’s deep ode to the bonds of friendship ‘Bombay Summer’. Both of these last two titles have in common the wonderful Tannishtha Chatterjee, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on more than one occasion and she continues to astound me with her charm and dry sense of humor. ‘Barah Aana’ was for me one of those films I anticipated seeing long before I actually had a chance to, and yet it lived up to expectations. I even got a chance to interview filmmaker Menon last year and published his insightful comments on the AVS blog.

Another film which will be playing at the festival is the moving film ‘Mountain Thief’ by Gerry Balastra, a true-to-life story about the families that live on the garbage mountain town of Promised Land and Urban, Payatas, in the Philippines. It is heart-wrenching and will make you appreciate your life to the max! Balastra’s talent is undeniable and I was among the lucky few who got to see the film while it was still in development, at an NYU screening room, so I can safely and definitely recommend it!

See you at the movies then!

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