Catch ‘Just Like Us’ at the Chicago African Diaspora FF!

Those of you who follow my column on the Asian Variety Show blog know that I had a few favorites at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. What I typically look for in a film are a subject that interests me, charismatic characters/actors and a soul connection to the theme. I found all three and then some in Egyptian-American comedian Ahmed Ahmed‘s insightful documentary about what makes the Arab world laugh and how unifying that laughter is, ‘Just Like Us’.

Ahmed’s funny, poignant and at times incredibly personal oeuvre will be featured on June 24th as part of the Chicago African Diaspora Film Festival. It’s a must-see for all my Ajnabee friends who are in the Windy City and knowing Ahmed, there will be an accompanying comedy show to coincide with the screening of the film. Having met the taller than expected and incredibly charming Ahmed in person, I can vouch for both his charisma and comedic talent. He’s on my personal list of “Ones To Watch” in the years ahead.

To read a personal review of the film, which includes quotes from the comedians featured in the film, as well as coverage from the TFF red-carpet premiere in NYC, check out my piece about ‘Just Like Us’ on the AVS blog. And to my Chicago brothers and sisters I say, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to watch a fantastic film!!


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