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This week, The List is not so much about things to do right now, over Labor Day weekend here in the US, but next week. See, it’s a long holiday w/end and most are hanging out at the beach or traveling out of town. But come next weekend, everyone will want something fun to do, and here are the top picks! N-joy!!

If you like Indian fashion, and who can resist it, then you must like saris. A well-crafted, designer sari is the most feminine, most glamorous piece of clothing a woman could ever wear. On those occasions when I’ve been convinced to wear one, I’ve immediately felt like I had transformed into a princess. And, in my very personal opinion, the best sari is one with a dark base and some wonderfully intricate design. Which brings me to the upcoming Shrishti Latha Puttanna Exhibition & Sale at the super glamorous Paramount Hotel, on September 11th, from 10 to 8 and 12th, from 10 to 5. Of course, if saris aren’t your thing, there will be plenty of pretty salwars combinations at the sale as well. And, of course, you can stop by the bar at the Paramount after your shopping spree, to mingle and people watch in their wonderful setting. Happy shopping!

Can’t stress enough about how you MUST BUY your tickets for the upcoming I-View Film Festival in NYC. Don’t think you can wait until the last minute, because as a festival insider, I can tell you some of the best events and screenings have very limited seats. If you count in all the international media descending on the festival, the sponsors and their guests, the filmmakers and their guest, then you do the math… It’s just a trickle of tickets that are available for the buying public. So please do not be disappointed! Visit the I-View website for more info. I highly recommend Opening Day docs including Bhutto, the Opening Night event featuring Onir’s quartet of films I AM, the Centerpiece film Just Another Love Story, starring androgynous filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh, the Showcases featuring Vishal Bhardwaj, the Shakespeare of India, and the Closing Night film Mirch. Oh, who am I kidding, just buy an All-Access pass and see it all!

Although we now seem to be over the hump of this heat now, I still crave refreshment in my drinks. I also have been addicted to Ciao Bella’s Mint Leaf Chip ice cream all summer long, but that’s on a whole other List. Anyway, Moroccan Mint Tea is one of the best ways to end any meal, helping digestion and lightening up the breath. Plus, it’s simply delicious and a breeze to make, so here it goes:
*Buy some Gunpowder Green Tea from Porto Rico, or any place that sells loose teas.
*Get yourself a fresh peppermint plant at your local Farmer’s Market. Just $3 at Union Square from nearly all nurseries, and mint is one plant that keeps on giving for a long, long time.
*Buy some Demerara sugar, I get mine from Trader Joe’s and you can’t beat their prices.
*Boil two cups of water, then allow the water to slightly cool off the stove for 30 seconds. Drop in a teaspoon of Gunpowder tea, a tablespoon of sugar and a stalk of mint and stir well. Let it sit for one minute, then pour into two small glasses filled with mint stalks and leaves. Drink, share and be delighted!

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