Ivan Calhoun Speaks… Love

Let me introduce you to the ever talented Mr. Calhoun. He’s a Facebook friend I have grown to admire and respect. His comments on this blog, as well as his caring thoughts and “Likes” on FB, put a smile on my face. Ivan Calhoun is a writer, a father, a poet. He’s also a lover of World Cinema and has written at least one screenplay for a fusion film. By fusion I mean a film which will transcend boundaries and blend his love for Indian cinema with a true understanding of world cultures. He is also part of a concept called Clan Creative, check out their website. This weeks Ivan Calhoun shares his thoughts on love in modern times on The Ajnabee’s Man’s Opinion corner.

What is love meant to be?  It’s a tough question asked since the beginning of time in every form a question can be asked and is not unique to our era of blackberries.  My view is that love is the greatest version of being best friends.  To me, in actual terms, only lovers can be the best of friends and that’s because you want the other person to be often physically and emotionally present within your personal space.  The conditions for wanting this other person there have to be well established and, more difficultly, stay established and strengthened.  That’s why love hurts a lot – often it is not reciprocated, other times it’s geographically impossible, it’s scary to let someone in, the chemistry could be wrong, you can be misled, it can be too conditional, and a lot of times it’s undone by pure timing. Thus, often you are the only one in love.  But if love takes root, holds on, and grows between two, becoming the best version of best friends happens – and sometimes you even realize it.

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