Just Your… Lucks! – My Darling Valentine

This week we welcome Sulekha Rawat to The Ajnabee. Sulekha is a poet, a writer and an all around fabulous woman I have come to be know through a special FB group called The Ladies Club. We share our joy, sadness, love and pain on the wall of this magical group and find our own selves in the process. Here is a little about Sulekha — AKA Lucks — in her own words: “I am 18 with 28 years of life experience, out of which 22 years have been spent trying to master Home Engineering. I love reading and writing. And greatly enjoy movies and music.~ Lucks” Enjoy Lucks’ ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day and follow her blog Memoirs, at Sulekha.Blogspot.com.

My Darling Valentine

by Sulekha Rawat

“You, brought me back to life, after decades of aimless wandering, I am home” ~ Lucks

I am a die-hard romantic, I thrive on love and affection, emotions, feelings and everything related to the affairs of the heart. I think cupid has left an arrow wedged in my soul. I am afflicted for life and there isn’t a cure in sight. I am doomed to live in this condition and die blissfully, hopelessly and helplessly in love, with love and because of love. Love is selfless, unconditional and undemanding, it doesn’t ask for much, only gives abundantly. It complicates lives, hurts unintentionally, at times it makes you want to crawl into a dark corner and hide from the unfeeling, demanding world and at other times, makes you want to jump up with joy and shout “ I love you”, from the rooftops. Love is insanely insane….

My dearest heart,

Do you love someone other than me? Can you tell me how much she loves you? If you can honestly tell me, that she loves you more than life itself and cannot even think of living without you. Do anything to make you happy, go to any lengths to bring a tiny smile to your face. And also that she worships the ground you walk on, feels your caress in the wind, can hear your footsteps in her heart, when you are out walking off your hurt, anger, and frustration. She can actually feel your pain and heartache when you are sad cannot see you unhappy or hurting.

If you can say for sure that she can reach you in your times of need and wants to be with you in all your ups and downs. Can sacrifice her happiness for you; leave her family and friends just to be with you. If you can say that she is happy to spend her every waking and sleeping hour with you. Share her dreams with you, shield you from heartache and betrayal, laugh with you during difficult times and do everything she can to make things easy for you.

If she can be, one with your soul, and if she makes you happy and whole. If you can tell me, you have someone who completes you, if you can honestly say, that you have with you your “soul-mate”, I will disappear from your life, without a backward glance. I will vanish into the dead of the night, happy, that your world is alright.

Your valentine

“A young lady’s heart ripped out, for her lover to see, and fathom the depth of her emotions. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift to someone you love with your entire being, till eternity and beyond.” Lucks aka Sulekha

On a lighter note here are some hints to Singles, followed by suggestions for the Attached…

Hints to singles:

Plan a get together with some of your single friends and have fun, go to a nice restaurant for lunch, or go to an amusement park. See the married couples being harassed by their brats and say a little prayer for your unattached status.

Make a list of pros and cons of being in a relationship to make you feel better.

Go on a holiday with friends and enjoy yourself.

Buy gifts for yourself, you deserve the best, so what if people are dense and don’t know your worth. Splurge on yourself.

Pamper yourself, go to a day Spa and let the worries and negativity out. Feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Appreciate nature and its beauty, go for a long walk in the neighborhood park, thank your stars that you can still enjoy the solitude and silence of nature, imagine listening to her nagging while you are trying to gather your thoughts…

At the end of the day, remember that it’s just another day, over-hyped by the card companies to sell their merchandise. To lighten your pockets and burden your heart with unwanted tensions and problems of maintaining a relationship.

And remember… spouses are high maintenance.

Suggestions to the attached:

Tell her you love her and bring her breakfast in bed. Must haves for the tray include, a sapling in a cute little pot, roses are passe. A handwritten, mushy original poem, a movie ticket stub from your dating days, a collage of your lovey dovey photographs, a trinket would be nice if you can afford it, but if you can’t she will understand as long as you look into her eyes and mouth the three most romantic words in this world, “I Love You.”

Ask her what she wants to do and do it gladly, make her feel important and needed. So what if she drags you to see a chick flick, go in smiling and you will have a lot to smile about in the bedroom later at night.

Every little gesture of affection is reciprocated a thousand fold. She keeps score, so beware of offending her. Make her happy and your life will be blissful.

The surefire way to enter her good books is to offer to call her parents and talk to them for a long time; she will love you for it. Marry me, marry my family is her motto.

Learn to write love letters like Beethoven and woo her.

Make a mixed CD of her favorite romantic songs.

Buy her naughty, flirty lingerie.

If you want to remain her hero forever then know her six smiles like Pete knows Rosalee’s smiles in the movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

He tells Tad “She has six smiles… One when something really makes her laugh. One when she’s making plans. One when she is laughing out of politeness. One when she is uncomfortable. One when she is making fun of herself. And one when… she’s talking about her friends.” Do you know how many smiles your girl has?

There is so much you can do for your loved one on Valentine’s Day but my favorite remains, a picnic basket containing a book of the most romantic poetry, couple of wine bottles, chocolate pastries, cheese, a red and white checked blanket and my love to share this bounty with. In my fantasy, he feeds me cheese and wine and reads out aloud the soul stirring poems and then nature takes its own sweet course. This is my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day.

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29 Responses to “Just Your… Lucks! – My Darling Valentine”

  1. Kriti:

    Fantastic post Nina! I love the feeling and intensity with which Sulekha writes and you of course know how to make everything look so endlessly optimistic. Almost to the point of making the ‘attached’ want to be single again and not the other way round. Romance yourself – I say. Although I am so tempted to send the last part of your article to my husband and see if gets the HINT (read ORDER). Both of you make a great team!

  2. Chokher:

    Good one as usual Lucky…. Thanks for the motivation to the unattached ones like myself.. ;)
    Enjoyed the passion in every word you write!!

  3. sulekha:

    Thanks a ton Nina, Lucks is super thrilled to be a part of the great Ajnabee and grateful to you for making her dreams come true. You truly are an inspiration to writers and friends. This is my first post on such a wonderful magazine, and will remain my most treasured one. You ROCK NINA…

  4. arvinder:

    hey lucks,
    loved ur style of writing ….full of passion and and fun at the same time …..practical and yet so moving ….loved every word of it
    just wait , greater things are on the move for u .

  5. Kriti:

    Mitr/Nina – somehow thought this was a joint effort for the writing bit – but Nina tells us that it is all your Sulekha – Again you are beyong words – and this rocks – you look so good in AJnabee… : ) Love to both

  6. Rimly:

    So romantic outlier. I wish half the husbands or lovers of this world were like that. Reading about that picnic hamper I wish I had one who would do the exact same things…..but alas!!! Beautiful my die hard romantic outlier!

  7. Swati Bhattacharya:

    Oh my God, you almost made me wish that I was single in the beginning…and then glad that I’m not, and your fantasy is my fantasy too…You are super duper romantic and put words to your emotions sooo beautifully…loved it!!

  8. Priyashmita:

    Wow…so much romance…almost makes me wonder will george clooney do all this for me or will I love him as much as sulekha can love??

    lovely writing..lovely post…a perfect ode to valentine’s day


    Wow factor….I don’t know whom to congratulate Nina or Lucky…I do thank Nina for giving Lucky such a wonderful break and Lucky doing full justice by simply penning down with such warmth n bliss that you feel like loving everybody around you and forget the usual grind.Will u gals be my Valentine…..?

  10. Yoshay:

    Congratultions Nina for this fantastic blog! I have been following it for sometime now, and I really appreciate the kind of world you bring to us & enlighten us. Keep it up! I have just downloaded the excerpt from your book by the way.
    Congratulations Sulekha! for being the die hard romantic you are! You will be definitely on my mind this valentine. Although I am a dark writer, entirely endowed with morbid fantasies, we share a theme nevertheless. Love. And love and romance have the same motive whether it is shrouded with Gothic elements or whether it is an offshoot of the pure Mills & Boon kind.

  11. Preetu:

    OMG….Lucks…I swallowed the entire article like a goblet of Hot chocolate….sip by sip…warm…delicious ! Lucks…You are one terrific writer & have complete command over pen & words. Best part is I can see right through your soul when you write and I see a bright calm light shining brightly of a fantastic human being. Congratulations once again for this beautifully sensuous article and God Bless Nina too for putting this up ! Happy Valentine Day !!! Love U both…keep writing & shining :) <3

  12. poonam:

    Great writting really.i have read your artcles earlier also but this one is wowwwwwww.I dint know you were die hard romantic at heart.you have gods gift to write and write beautifully.congrats Nina and sulekha both for giving me the oppurtunity to read beautiful articles.Happy valentine Day.god bless you.

  13. pratibha (eva):

    Amazing piece of work. I really loved it,Sulekha!!! I totally loved the section about the singles. And yes you are right – it’s just another day when emotions run haywire :) :):)

  14. Sweepy Jean:

    Sulekha, if the one you love loves someone other than you, that person would indeed be insane! :p Beautiful post!

  15. roy durham:

    men and women search thier whole life to find what life is about. the words you have put here is what life is about. when one finds and keeps it share it for all life the they know the maining of life and i love you. god bless and keep you in his love. thank you

  16. Alpana Jaiswal:

    Sulekha..this is beautiful..as I have always said..you are a natural..its a pleasure always reading your posts.

  17. Lakshmi Suresh:

    Sulekha as usual you have surpassed yourself with your casual and effortless style of writing. As for the Valentine part of it, its a little mushy for the pragmatics…But well it is the season of love and I nevertheless enjoyed reading it and nice to see the enthusiasm as always…!!!
    Do keep the posts with continued vigour for all of us your fans!!!

  18. rikeesh:

    ‘Luck’ed out by reading this, Lucks. It is evocative, suggestive, seductive and touches the heart. Love will never be out of fashion and ‘Lucks’ too is here to stay. Keep the verse in prose flowing. You have a talent and you owe it to others to revel in it. All the best!

  19. JIm Brandano:

    Really enjoyed your post.. This Valentine day will also be our 24th anniversary and is a very special day in our lives.I have been blessed with my wonderful wife

  20. Gargi:

    Lucks, very evocative and was a pleasure going through it. Love your style of writing;)
    Will def check out the movie you have mentioned though!

    And yes, want to read more of your writings; had loved ‘the healing kick’ post which i had read ages back.

    Btwn, I do think the concept of “VDay” is totally over rated:)

  21. Deviyani:

    Its a very well emoted article. Every emotion is beautifully quoted through words that have an lasting impact on your soul. everyone reading it somewhere would be relating themselves to some lines. Its very heart warming for me personally as i truly believe in love and the emotions you have mentioned. It touched my heart….will be awaiting more of your articles….may be you will be able to give me personally a newer insight to what true love is…..

  22. Shloka:

    Hey mum,

    Awesome as always. Not much love for love, but still, absolutely loved your take on it. I totally agree with the part about cupid’s arrow being wedged in your soul! ^_^ A die-hard romantic, you totally are. Nice ideas for the singles too.

    Seems like you get “awesome-er” with every piece you write. :)

    your not-so-romantic daughter

  23. Vivek Chamoli:

    Hi Sulekha,

    This is a wonderful article I have ever came across , all you wrote touched my heart.
    What I like about Life is this essence of love ..which act as the driving force for all of us to go on .to live life beautifully….. and anything done with true heart is always give joy to both giver and taker.

    Thanks :)
    take care

  24. Jacinta Kandal:

    Hey Sulekha,
    You are just too good at poetry. I love the way you express yourself. Keep it up my vivacious friend.
    The best thing about you is you are full of life, and you live life to the fullest.
    Thanks for being you.



  26. Juhi Kunzru:

    hi sulekha

    very nice piece of work.I always knew that you were a very good writer. Your ability to describe human emotions is amazing.

    Keep it up
    hope we get more of your blogs soon.

  27. kanwal Bedi:

    Kanwal Bedii February 13 at 11:16am
    Congratulations Sulekha.Every piece you write touches just my heart. We too feel,empathise and imagine everything that you write but cannot string it so beautifully together as you do. I’m so glad you are finally pushing your talent which you have been so abundantly bestowed with. Keep writing, as I can see that you have many more fans now besides me. All the best & Lots of love.

  28. sukhi kundu:

    beautiful thoughts put into beautiful words by beautiful writer lucky.good to read one after a long time.we missed our light writer.get back to old days and send us some more of these articles. pleasure to read them and relate to them.only you can make it sound so easy.congratulations and all the best for many more to come.lots of love.

  29. sulekha:


    Thank you so much for all your beautiful, inspiring and encouraging comments, and for saying those wonderful things about me and my post!! Your love and support makes me want to do better and present you with even more interesting and engaging articles. I want to thank each and every one of you, who read and commented on my first post on Ajnabee.Love you all.

    A special thanks to Nina, who invited me to write for this beautiful magazine, trusting me to do a good job and having the confidence in me. I loved her way of introducing me. Thank you Nina!!