Three Twins Ice Cream – Flavor Times Three

Maybe it’s the colder weather, maybe it’s the new exercise regimen I’ve been following, maybe it’s my constant sweet tooth of mine which craves ice cream — I know, don’t ask, in the midst of frigid NYC and I’m looking for an even colder dessert! — but this past Tuesday I spent more than the appropriate five minutes in the frozen desserts aisle of my local supermarket. And aren’t you thankful I did! Because of my lingering eye in the ice cream section, I discovered a brand that is not only completely organic, but also offers up good ol’ fashioned deliciously simple ice cream taste at good ol’ fashioned prices: Three Twins Ice Cream.

Based in the Bay Area in California, the company was started by twin Neal Gottlieb whose Peace Corps Volunteer assignment in Taroudant, Morocco was cut short by the war in Iraq. Once he was back in the States, Neal began sharing a home with his brother Carl and Carl’s fiancee Liz, who is also a twin on her side. So, Neal began calling their house “three twins” which inspired the name of the business, even before the first batch of ice cream was ever made. Personally, the part of the story that got me was the Morocco connection, but that’s a whole other tale…

The rest of Three Twins Ice Cream’s history is a dash of business acumen, mixed with a whole lot of gumption and drizzled with the gooey fudge of foresight. Indeed, if Neal had ever looked at the books for the company in the first year he was in business, this delicious concept and the store would have definitely been long buried by now.

But thankfully, the company not only survived but flourished and expanded and today, I can find Three Twins at my local C-Town supermarket, which BTW is definitely not the kind of store gourmet dreams are made of! What I’m trying to say is that your local supermarket should carry Three Twins. If they don’t, ask that they do. And there are endless other locations that carry this simple, delicious, smooth and purely organic — can’t stress that enough — ice cream. I’ve tried their Bittersweet Chocolate, Dad’s Cardamom — cute one with the name there! — and Mint Confetti, which is just the right amount of chocolate bits in a subtly divine mint ice cream. No artificial mint flavors need apply! It reminds me of the Mint Stracciatella flavor they make at my fave gelato place in Florence Perchè No?! And if you love Indian kulfi, you’ll adore the Cardamom, guaranteed.

So, I admit I am now completely and utterly addicted to the stuff, even emotionally moving away from my ex favorite gelato company, which shall remain nameless. This Three Twins Ice Cream is not only yummy but good for me and that simply can’t be beat! If you are in California, visit one of their stores where you’ll find more flavors than what are available in grocery stores. Try the Chocolate Project for me… please…

A pint of Three Twins Ice Cream retails for around $3.99, at C-Town in NYC.

Images courtesy of Three Twins Ice Cream

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