Confessions of a (New) Red Mango Addict

Being Italian — and a Florentine, food loving woman to boot — I’m big on gelato, the Italian version of ice cream which has converted many a visitor to our way of doing frozen dessert. But on an unusually balmy NYC evening last week, I found a new passion: Red Mango frozen yogurt.

Last Thursday, when I met our resident food blogger Kanwal in Koreatown — as the stretch of 32nd Street that runs from Broadway to Fifth Avenue is known to international foodies and Korean nationals looking for a taste of home away from home alike — I did not know our little dinner meeting would change the way I look at chocolate desserts. But one taste of the Red Mango limited edition Dark Chocolate frozen yogurt, with some chocolate candy bar crumbles and chocolate fudge sauce to top it off, and I was officially converted to a Red Mango junkie. Now, even my gourmet Italian gelato sits in the freezer, unused, unloved and forsaken…

But the secret to the Red Mango craze that is taking over the land lies not only in their super inexpensive price — a large cup with all the fixings ran us less than $2.00! — their cool locations and their even cooler customers; the real proof is actually in the pudding. Red Mango frozen yogurt is 100% all natural, has natural probiotics, is sweetened with Stevia and their fruit toppings are always fresh, never frozen. And don’t even get me started on the Mochi topping…

So, while we wait for Kanwal’s Healthy Corner to be updated with a delicious review of our journey through Koreatown, grab yourselves a nice cup of Red Mango and, as their motto goes, “Treat Yourself Well”!

Images courtesy of Red Mango®

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3 Responses to “Confessions of a (New) Red Mango Addict”

  1. kriti:

    Really wish I could Nina. I know frequent a place where they have crazy flavored gelatos from all original ingredients and it tastes heavenly.

  2. Nina:

    Thanks for stopping by dear Kriti! If and when you get a chance, it’s truly worth it. Until then, crazy flavored gelato from all original ingredients sounds heavenly indeed!

  3. Debashri:

    Send me some :) . All natural and sweetened with Stevia? Perfect even for me! :)