The Royal Wedding AKA: What’s a Girl to Do?

So, right in the middle of the greatest film festival in NYC — the Tribeca Film Festival — is the other world class event no one’s been invited to but everyone wants to attend… What’s a girl to do?! Well, while you are all turning green with envy, let me guarantee it is no easy choice. I’m staying up at night wondering: To go, or not to go? THAT is indeed the question.

I made myself a list of good and bad about leaving NYC for the April 29th affair. In the unfavorable column, there are just so many beautiful films this year at TFF, I’m writing about my favorite projects in the Tribeca All Access program, I get to see friends and colleagues who’ll be descending on the Big Apple for it, and I’m so busy here I just can’t imagine traveling. Also, am I the only one who finds William and Kate a bit “vanilla”? I mean, as Royal Weddings go, I’d rather attend the King of Morocco’s daughter’s affair or a Saudi Prince’s. But that may be just me and I say it all with the utmost respect for the lovely couple. Plus, the clincher is my ideal date will be out of town, so I would either have to choose someone else, or fly solo. Either way, not ideal options.

On the other hand, top most on the all-in-favor-of column, there is the whole dress up factor. WOW, what a great chance to wear some outrageously glamorous clothing and insanely posh jewelry and maybe even a headdress. I mean, Royal Weddings are right up there with Wimbledon and Ascot as far as haberdashery goes! And I’ve got just the outfit figured out.

Lanvin is THE only way to go this Spring, the Brits love their colors and the little fuchsia number modeled so well above right by petite Natalie Portman, or the emerald green long full skirted asymmetrical here left both would do. I mean, if one doesn’t go big at a Royal Wedding, when one does get to do that?! And for the church a matching color, yet slightly lighter tone pashmina will complete the look. Shoes by Christian Louboutin, of course. I almost forgot to write that, it’s just such a given these days!

Now, onto the jewelry. No one but the glamorous, gorgeous and glitzy Amrapali will do, of course! Check out these amazing earrings and tell me they don’t absolutely complete the look?! They now have a luscious new store in the Diamond District, right here in NYC, so I won’t have to fly to Jaipur or Bombay to find them! While I will have to probably mortgage my apartment to buy all of this — and yes, I’ll fly dreaded coach over to Heathrow — I still think it’s worth it. Oh, and I’ll save loads on my head piece, since I’ve got a little feather gem by Colette Malouf sitting in a box, in my shoe closet.

OK, outfit ready, dreaming of a delicious Costa Coffee cappuccino and lunch on Five at Harvey Nichols.

Now if I could only make up my mind… ;)

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