Fashion, Health and Poetry

Maybe I am being lazy this week, but I only have a few suggestions for the list. One is to buy Teen Vogue. If you are like me, you kinda enjoy reading a fashion magazine, but get stuck when everything on the pages is in the thousands of dollars. I mean, it’s fashion people, get over it! It’s gonna be out next year, next season even, why spend so much on a handbag, a silly pair of jeans or even a t-shirt. If you think these same thoughts while fingering through the pages of Vogue and Bazaar, then check out Teen Vogue. Way cooler ads, much better fashion and never the doubt of looking like a stiff, uncool chick! Check out the Teen Vogue website and don’t forget to look at their “Made in China” editorial.

Read up on Rumi. The true romantic hero of ancient poetry, he wrote some of the most beautiful and meaningful poems ever written. Check out his “Like This” poem and feel all warm and fuzzy inside… I promise. I mean, I am single but it’s not like I plan on never finding a wonderful man! And when I do, you betcha I’ll be reading that poem to him! Go to to purchase one of his many poetry books.

Have you been inside a Nine West store lately? If not in the last three months, then check it out. The new creative director for the line is Fred Allard and the shoes look amazing! Very chic, very now, not your old Nine West, that’s for sure. So, go in, try some on, and walk in style. Check out the Nine West website for a taste.

OK, it’s very unlike me, but I am all out of ideas. I can only think of telling you all to drink lots of water, in this horrific heat, and wash out your A/C filter, as it can harbor lots of nasty bacteria, which will eventually make you sick! And exercise early in the morning, or inside the air conditioned comfort of a gym.

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