Be All Natural

This summer, it’s all about natural, I feel. Anyway, first and foremost, protect your skin with a good SPF of 30 and above. My favorite is Clinique Sun Care – UV Response for Face. It’s around $2o for 50 ml and terrific. At all major department stores. For feet, and other over-exposed and under-protected areas, use Trader Joe’s SPF 30, which is only $3.99 for a tube. See more info on Trader Joe’s website.

Pull your hair back, tie it with a soft rubber band, and go! Enjoy the ‘no make-up’ freedom that the summer usually allows. Use a little gel, anything cheap and light from the drugstore is fine, and use a no-tug hair elastic, like Blax snag-free ones, to secure. Available at your local drugstore or see

Nothing goes better with pulled back hair and smooth summer skin, than a good pair of aviator sunglasses. I got mine at the cheap stand in Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall, but Liz Claiborne has a great pair for sale at Macy’s for around $30.

If you wish to be a little more polished in the evenings, try Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer, SFP 20, in a shade slightly darker than your own skin. I use Sand, even in the winter, even if I should go lighter. But the consistency is so light that it does not ever look too cakey or made up. For your own tube, which runs about $42, go to Sephora’s website.

And finally, eat lots of fresh carrots. I thought it was a myth, but it really is true that they add a summer glow to everyone’s complection. And you avoid risking that rubbery, cardboard complexion one tends to get from tanning too often. Anyway, in Italy they even sell Beta Carotene tablets to prepare the skin for exposure to the sun. Just eat a couple of nice, fresh carrots each day, and you don’t have a thing to worry about.

Enjoy the summer sun, pretty soon we’ll all be complaining that it’s winter again!

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