Egypt and Going Back to the Square

I am incredibly saddened by the news out of Egypt. What happened at and around the stadium in Port Said on February 1st is outrageous and the police standing by, allowing it to happen absolutely criminal. There is no excuse for murder, however and whichever way it is perpetrated.

Those who follow my writing on the Huffington Post (hint: it’s easy, just click “LIKE” on the top right of my pieces and you’ll get updates each time I post something, right to your FB news feed) have probably read by now the piece on Petr Lom‘s documentary titled Back to the Square. It’s an eerie feeling for me when art points the finger so directly at the problem and ends up forecasting something bigger than itself in the process. Back to the Square, and the interview featured on the Huffington Post with both Lom and Mark Nabil — the brother of just-released blogger Maikel Nabil — accompany this tragedy, with a haunting cinematic, written version of “I told you so”. A sentence which should never be used when human lives are at stake.

Read the entire piece on the Huffington Post and remember, for every comfort you have in your life, there is someone out there fighting for you to stay well.

Top image courtesy of Silversalt PR, used with permission

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