Five Insider’s Tips from this Year’s Tribeca Film Fest

Insider’s Tip One — Magnum Ice Cream:

As a journalist covering the festival, there was a neverending well of Magnum bars available at the Cadillac Press Lounge. My favorites this year were the new Minis, which of course were less of a threat to my figure, but still managed to quell all my cravings. Of course, we also could stop by for some daily surprise lunch menu, which ran the gamut from sushi to mango/cheese sandwiches depending on the day. Yup, nice work if you can get it indeed…

Insider’s Tip Two — Illy Espresso:

I amazed my movie companions one night by telling them we could get coffee for free at the theater. Indeed, if you attended any of the films at the Tribeca PAC center, on Chambers, there was an Illy cart offering free hot signature espresso drinks made from Italy’s favorite beans. Their cappuccino was divine! And did I mention FREE?!

Insider’s Tip Three — Facebook-ing It:

Tickets to TFF’s 2012 screenings and events could be bought on Facebook through AudienceView Tiki—the first time a film festival offered this service to its online community. This way, I could purchase my ticket while my friends could also see what I was watching and where, and purchase theirs to meet up. No more annoying “I’ll get it then you pay me back” for fifteen people, amounting to hundreds of dollars and friendships lost (if you still owe me, you are no longer my friend!)

Insider’s Tip Four — TFF Is Well Worth the Trip:

If you don’t believe me, just read the story of Jeroen van Velzen, director of World Documentary Competition entry Wavumba. Van Velzen traveled four days to get to New York from Lake Malawi, Africa—eight hours by bus, two days by train, and more than 18 hours by plane via Dubai. It was his first visit to America. All worth it for a film critics and audiences alike ooh’d and ahh’d over. But even without a film in the festival, just noticing all the foreign media in town for TFF, it was well worth the trip!

Insider’s Tip Five — How to Watch Movies Like an Insider:

Well, there are a couple of tips and those work for all film fests, even if it is not a science. First, ask the Artistic Director of the festival which movies to watch. Check. Planet of Snail and The Flat. Shhhhh… Then, look through the program to find films that interest you. Check. All world cinema is my passion. Then narrow it down by watching films that hold a bit of background for you. Check. That’s how I came to watch The World Before Her and Marjane Satrapi’s Chicken With Plums. And I think I brought my own sensibilities to both, while most critics did not get Satrapi’s latest AT ALL! It’s all in a name, I say… It’s all in her NAME.

Till next year, Tribeca, miss you already…

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