The List Screens at Hot Docs in Toronto – Don’t Miss It!

I recently watched Beth Murphy’s The List at the Tribeca Film Festival, where the film had its world premiere. I had to watch it twice, just to make sure I got it right the first time and it turns out, I did… It’s a film that will at first destroy your illusions of what America represents in today’s world but will then help to reconstruct the idea of what it should truly mean to be an American. While Murphy pointed out at the premiere that it’s just enough to watch the film and feel angry about it, I have resolved to do more, even if that “more” is just with my little bit of writing.

The List deals with the consequences of our entry into Iraq, and the war to eliminate Saddam Hussein, from a very human prospective. The prospective of our Iraqi allies, those people who helped us to be understood, be safe and find our way around while in a country so far removed from our own, and I don’t mean just geographically. In a beautiful piece on The Daily Beast, ex soldier and popular blogger Matt Gallagher wrote about his own feelings watching Murphy’s film. His writing has allowed me real insight into the dangerous, scary and inhuman situations US soldiers were subjected to in Iraq, but Murphy’s film has brought that insight home and made it personal, with a cast of characters that run from heroic, to courageous, to downright superhuman.

At the center of her story is the charismatic figure of Kirk Johnson, who runs The List Project, an NGO that helps to bring our Iraqi allies to the US, where they can finally be safe. But beyond the lawyers, Johnson and his family, the film gives great insight into the wonder that have been our Iraqi heroes, our allies, our friends. And of course, it helped that throughout the Tribeca experience, Murphy was a delight to get to know, a truly generous, positive soul and a smart advocate for her wonderful film. I’m sure all who came in contact with her, through the panels, the screenings and roundtables, had the same experience.

For more on the film, which screens this week at Hot Docs in Toronto, check out my interview with Beth Murphy on the Huffington Post.

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