Bradley Cooper: Style Icon

On a recent trip to Dubai, I sat next to two invasively gigantic men, who took up way beyond their assigned seat in width, and vocal tone. Arms flailing, conversing excitedly about the most idiotic things, just so they could be heard (and worst, seen) their every movement annoyed me. I admit, on a plane, I need calm. But instead of getting up and bopping them upside the head, which turned out to be a strange fantasy game I played out in my head, I turned to the entertainment system in front of me, and found solace within Bradley Cooper. If a man can wear a garbage bag this well, he can basically sell me the NYC phone book on film.

Yet strangely enough, Cooper is not only stylish and good looking, but also talented at picking interesting, soulful projects in which to star. On the way over, while I sat next to the two Neanderthals, I watched The Words and on the way back, lounging back and eating chocolates while no one in sight annoyed me, I watched Silver Linings Playbook. Both excellent films, both great excuses to watch some serious male eye candy, albeit with magnificent acting skills.

So, this week, Cooper is my style icon. Not a woman this time, but someone equally at home — and strangely stylish in each — wearing Hefty or Armani. And don’t even get me started on how eagerly I’m awaiting the next installment of The Hangover…

Watch the new trailer for The Hangover 3 on the HUFFINGTON POST

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