Farhan Akhtar Adds Weekly Columnist to his Resumé

Indeed, that Renaissance man, that poster-boy of multitalented individuals has now become a weekly columnist for the Hindustani Times. And you know what, he’s funny, witty, intelligent and honest. Everything one would expect from the rockstar that is Farhan Akhtar.

His first column opened with the inner question nearly all writers ask themselves “When first asked to write about my life, thoughts and experiences, I wondered… will people actually be interested in what’s going on with me?” which seemed not only candid but incredibly humble. Of course, he also goes on to ask “What if my column becomes the most read every week? How wild would that be?” which is just like Akhtar… For those who have met him in person, this will sound like the perfectly written diary of the man. If you do not know him that well, fix that right away by checking out a profile of Farhan Akhtar on AVS TV’s blog.

Of course, making his innermost thoughts public is not a new experience for Akhtar, since his directorial debut film ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was based on his own experiences in Goa and inspired by his own journals. And we all know that the answer to his opening line in his debut column is a resounding YES, everyone who watches his film is automatically interested in what the man has to say. 

Enough from me now. I leave you with the links to debut Week 1 and follow up Week 2 - where he grapples with that life-long fascination we all have with horoscopes in deciding our future – of Farhan Akhtar on HTCity. N-joy!

Top image courtesy of Masala Chai – bottom image & excerpts courtesy of HT

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  1. Joanna D'Angelo:

    Thanks for this – boy – he’s got a lot of energy doesn’t he? even in his writing – hopping from topic to topic. ;) Cheers!

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