HUEA Nominations For “I Heart Your Blog” Are IN!

This past week HUEA was nominated by Miss Make A Movie as one of their favorite blogs. Of course, we return the favor and absolutely nominate them right back as being one of our favorite sites to read online, a wonderful place to meet for a “chat” with the girls. But then, we also pay the compliment forward by nominating seven other blogs that truly touch our Happily Unmarried hearts, through and through! And the nominees are:

Moods and Appetites – Truly a personal favorite by the really talented photographer and writer named Katrina!! This site is, in the words of Katrina herself “a daily record of my culinary and creative adventures, whether it be trying new foods, reviewing exhibitions, or simply looking at the details.” Just check out her entry for November 17th – Strands of Expression”. Simply BRILLIANT!

(Un)wedded Bliss - Another beautiful blog run by Tracy, who describes herself as a Pescatarian and as someone whose moods rise and fall according to the weather. But her writing is colorful, alive and ranges from the latest -hottest – music out there, to the top ten rudest questions to ask, to even a post about sore loser Republicans… Check it out and you’ll become addicted to it too.

The Phase Files – Run by the mysterious Phase, which is obviously NOT his real name, it is a blog all about the escapades and adventures of a young man in NYC. In his own words “Each phase consists of several different hilarious stories reflecting my mentality at the core of my behavior. Phase 1 is dedicated to sharing personal anecdotes as a player and the awkward and hilarious situations that always ensued. Phase 2 is the beginning of my transition to become a gentleman and treat women better. However, there are several obstacles I encounter to overcome my past and move forward.”

Passion For Cinema – is a blog run by several filmmakers, all of different caliber and age. It is a forum where everyone finds their voice and comments are highly encouraged. If you like cinema, and in particular enjoy Indian Cinema as much as I do – then PCF is for you. There you’ll be able to mingle with greats such as Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol… As well as hear the latest and greatest about all the newest releases. A true filmi community, brought to us by Oz, Dabba and the gang.

Go Galavanting – This is an online women’s travel magazine, a bit more than a blog. But with “A View from a Broad” it also has branched out into simple blogging. I love this site because it empowers and encourages women to travel on their own, but also does not disqualify any who are part of a couple to also follow the same paths. It is an equal opportunity travel site. Kudos to Kim Mance and Katy Quissell for starting this great site!

Show Me The Curry – This is a great foodie site run by Hetal and Anuja, two moms with excellent taste and their own YouTube TV show. They make preparing Indian food easy and fun and for that they get a big thumbs up from the HUEA girl, always looking to simplify her life! And the recipes are easily found through their efficient index, both visual and in tabs on the top part of their site.

Aasiyah Qamar – Last but not least, this is actually the website of accomplished romance author Aasiyah Qamar, where she does share a bit of her philosophy in life under “Thoughts and More”. Z, as her friends refer to her, actually writes on Miss Make A Movie and her pieces are always thoughtful, delightful and fresh. I have really grown to think of her as a dear friend – albeit one miles and miles away – so her presence in my list of favorite blogs is absolutely necessary. 

OK everyone, it’s now your turn to nominate your favorite blogs out there! Have fun and read up, there are some talented people out there, just writing because they love to.

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