Mumbai Meri Jaan – Bombay My Love!

I am so angry, so sad and feeling so helpless I just don’t know what to do with myself. Bombay, the city of my dreams, my most beloved place on earth, is under attack. I find very little to be thankful for, on this Thanksgiving day, but the fact that I am alive… It’s little consolation for the horror that is still going on thousands of miles away. I can’t help but think of the dead, the injured, the permanently and emotionally scarred.

It is my duty to write “The List” and I have been slacking off lately, but now the site is new, revamped and renamed and this is obviously going to be a baptism by fire! What a way to start off as The Stranger on this life journey, with grenades exploding and shots fired in my beloved Maximum City. But I will point you, my reader and my friend, towards some of the things that are helping me cope with this evil, this nightmare that doesn’t stop when I wake up.

DVDs – The obvious choices are “Mumbai Meri Jaan”, “Black Friday” and “Aamir”, all dealing with terrorism, though from different POVs and through different events. Anurag Kashyap’s “Black Friday” is probably one of my favorite films ever made, and I second Mr. Kashyap’s personal love for “Aamir” which left me in shock and thinking for weeks after I rented it from Netflix. Unfortunately, for “Mumbai Meri Jaan” you’ll have to either travel to Florence for the “River to River Florence Indian Film Festival” – where it is going to be shown in December – or wait for a screening or festival here. It is not on DVD yet…

Music – I am obsessed with A.R. Rahman‘s soundtrack for “Slumdog Millionaire” which is now available on Itunes. For the CD, you’ll have to wait until December, but I suggest downloading it and enjoying it on your Ipod… What? You don’t have one? Hum… My heart goes out to you! During these difficult times, I am also listening to a lot of Rahman’s older, classic tunes, like “Ishq Bina” and the haunting “Kehna Hi Kya” from Mani Ratnam’s “Bombay”, another film dealing with terrorism, of a different kind.

Movies – When the going gets tough, well, the sad can go to the movies. An amazing film was released in the US on Wednesday, and will be released in India on Friday, though I fear its greatness will be overshadowed by the current events and it will end up not doing as well as expected… The film is “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye” starring Abhay Deol and Paresh Rawal, two great actors of different generations but equally talented and charismatic. The film is about a cat burglar, a charming thief who steals his way to riches and class… It is an absolute must see for a bit of a change from the images of doom out of India. Of course, you can find a complete “review”, albeit a-la-Nina, on the Films 2 See column!

Food – Well, always in the mood for Indian, these days I don’t seem to crave it as much. I feel sad for what has happened and frankly, I am one of those people that undereats in times of stress. So this is where my beloved chocolate comes in handy. Trader Joe’s Truffles or simply some good ol’ M & Ms are divinely therapeutic right now. 

Finally, let me leave you with a thought of peace. Check out my short tribute to beloved Bombay on Chic Today and try to pay it forward with some peace tomorrow.

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