Fabulous Women, a Tiger and Yummy Dates

Most of this weekend belongs to viewing films. There are two gems opening and one favorite documentary of mine now available on I-Tunes. Plus, if you haven’t started thinking about booking tickets for I-View in September, you really need to do so, NOW!

‘Peepli Live’ is a film that will NOT leave you untouched. As I exited the screening room with a group of journalists and reviewers, I felt like I needed a soft place to fall and a good cry. Of course, not everyone will be affected by the poignancy of the predicament depicted in it, some will latch on the humor of the film, written and directer by Anusha Rizvi. Therein lies its genius. Watch it, starting this Friday the 13th, and if you need more incentive read my review on AVS here, or the interview with superstar Aamir Khan here.

‘Salt of This Sea’ is about a strong Palestinian woman who returns to her roots, only to find them, well… in Israel! The film, directed by Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir, tackles an opinionated, angry female lead, strong themes and a subject I am forever passionate about. Watch it in NYC, at the Quad, this weekend. Read a short review here.

‘Afghan Star’ is one more wonderful film and by yet another wonderfully talented female filmmaker. Yup, that seems the theme for The List this week, strong, talented women, possibly filmmakers. Havana Marking’s film is now available on ITunes, a fact she disclosed only to her closest FB friends. But you know me, can’t keep a great secret to myself… Especially one that involves a favorite film! Read a review of the film on AVS, as well as an interview with Havana herself here.

‘Life of PI’ by Yann Martel. If you haven’t already done so, run to buy a copy and you’ll devour it, just like a tiger… It’s not only really fantastic summer reading material, but it will give you new insight into the philosophies of world religions. If that sounds like a bit of a contradiction, philosophy and religion used in the same sentence, then this book is definitely for you! And don’t even get me started about how disappointed I am that Ang Lee’s film version has been derailed due to budget!

Get yourself a DATE! Oh, no, not one of the opposite sex, but a fruity date. One, delicious, sugary, luscious date. They are everywhere I look these days, for Ramadan, and at their very best after harvest in July. Don’t be shy, you can even have more than one date at a time, in this case. And Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim Ajnabee brothers and sisters around the world!

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