Masala Popcorn

I promised easy and I am delivering SUPER EASY. If you are having this popcorn at home, get yourself some microwavable popcorn – I have recently discovered Trader Joe‘s Butter Flavored is best – and a packet of Chat Masala from you local Indian grocery store. You can also substitute Madras Curry, there is a great one in Whole Foods, if yellow popcorn, instead of red, is what you crave. Melt a tablespoon of butter in the microwave, add about half a teaspoon of spices and then microwave your popcorn. When you open the bag, drizzle the butter mixture on top, reseal the bag and shake it like your Mama taught you! Open and eat, while watching a Hindi film, of course. The flavor will be just too overwhelming for any ol’ run-of-the-mill Hollywood movie, trust me!

If you are going to check out a cool World cinema film at the newly inaugurated BIG Cinemas in Manhattan – BTW, my new favorite venue, complete with a crystal chandelier and all! – then simply bring a small Ziploc bag with your favorite spices and add them at the cinema. You might need to re-flavor once the bag gets to halfway, since you won’t be able to do the whole “shake it like your Mama taught you” bit… Well, not without making it rain popcorn in the theater anyway and the folks at BIG might not be too happy about that. When you become quite adept at this and feel like getting adventurous, try out your own flavor combinations and spice mixtures. It’s what they do in some Indian theaters these days and believe me, you’ll never go back to plain popcorn again! 

Photo courtesy of Caleb Colman – and can I hear you all say WOW!

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One Response to “Masala Popcorn”

  1. Marian del Moral:

    This recipe is very interesting. I specially enjoy with spices like cinnamon and comin, these are my favourite. It isn´t been such a long time since I´ve had spicy food. Last week, my friend Khurram 8he is from Pakistan) coked tasty dishes for her little daughter´s first birthday. I also like to use comin and cinnamon with chocolat 70%. For all of this I enjoy reading your texts and sharing views and experiences of the world. I thing that you have a special eyes: “worldly eyes”

    Kisses and hugs,
    Your friend,