Salon Musa – My Success Secrets, Part 2

Last week I talked about the woman who has made me the body I am today. I believe beauty is indeed an inner thing, so eating right and working out are priorities on my list. But my other credo is that hair is the frame to our beauty. If that is not working for us, having the prettiest face on earth won’t be enough. OK, so maybe Natalie Portman can get away with her shaven head look but seriously, very few others of us can.

While I was otherwise blessed with good genes, the gods skipped me when they were handing out a full head of hair. My hair is flat, stick straight and my father was completely gray at age 25. I need not say more, right?! Perhaps it is why I love those item number songs in Hindi films, silky big long shiny black hair blowing in the wind has never been part of my experience. But I do OK, and the reason my scalp is healthy, my locks perfectly highlighted and my hair always well maintained is my own personal secret: Yasuko. I met her while she cut hair at a salon in the East Village and have seen her graduate to her own salon in Soho, which she runs together with her lovely and talented husband Bushi Yoshimura, a celebrity Soho hairdresser.

To say that Yasuko is an artist is an understatement. She is kind – yes, I’ve been to hairdressers who actually insulted me before even whipping out their shears! – conservative, never scissors happy and totally knowledgeable in her craft. She does everything, meaning cut, highlights, color and even perms if she deems your hair healthy enough. I’ve not tried her perms, but everything else, she’s been stellar! I can always hold my head up high at an event, opening or red carpet, since I know my frame is glittering under the lights, thanks to Yasuko.

OK, so I seldom like change and I used to LOVE that her old salon was just two blocks away from my apartment. But their new salon Musa in Soho is now a personal favorite, with extra special touches like royal blue robes – to make your skin tone glow while your hair is getting worked on – a Neospresso machine – they’ll make you a cappuccino while you wait… oh YUM!! – and little works of art hidden everywhere. Just ask to go to the bathroom while you’re there, you’ll see…

For all info, check out Salon Musa’s website. They are located at 156 Sullivan Street, right below Houston, in NYC. Their phone number is 646 484 6033. Their prices start at $75 for a woman’s haircut, $105 with Bushi and $60 and $95 respectively for men’s.

Images courtesy of Salon Musa

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