Car Insurance, Viagra & Movies 4 Free = Spam Galore!

Here at The Ajnabee, we get at least 50 spam messages every day. Some are innocuous, some are downright disgusting, others hilarious in their poor use of the English language, but the wide majority lie in that middle zone of nothingness. I won’t bore you with those. Instead, I am picking five comments that are ripe to be made fun of right here. I mean, who writes this stuff?! Although even in spam you can tell the character of the person behind it, some complimentary and some downright rude… Oh, last but not least, Ladies and Gentlemen, those free online translator services don’t really work. See number 3 for proof. I’ve inserted my own comments where you see ** two stars as well as included the post they commented on, which at times is almost downright absurd.

From FUNFA in Russia — re: 1/20 The Movie:

?????? ??? ???? ? ?????, ? ??????? ??? ???????????????? ?????, ??? ? ????? ??? ???????? ????. ?????? ??? ??????
??? ?????, ??? ? ? ???????. ??????????? ???????? ????? ? ? ???????! ????? ????? ????!
?????? ??? ?????? ? ?????? (????????????) ??????? ??? ?????, ???????? ????? ? ????? ?? 100 ?????-180 ???,
??????????? ????????, ?? ???????????, ????? ???????? ????????-355 ??? ?? 1 ?????.
????? ???????? ?? ??????????? ??????????!!

** I was thinking the same thing Funfa! Minus the well (I use the term loosely) hidden advert for online porn. BTW, what does your name stand for? **

From Lestymepe — re: Fab Women, a Tiger & Yummy Dates:

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** YES, Lestymepe, I am indeed tired of getting comments like this one from YOU! And again, what’s with the name?! **

From idioppyHola — re: 1/20 The Movie:

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** Eh?? What language is that & can I just call you Idiop for short? **

From ai companies — re: For 2010, Resolving to Talk Once, Listen Twice:

I ran into this page on accident. This is a refreshing site so I end up spending more time than I really should have. Webmaster has done a good work on this piece, the site here is insightful. Now I am going to bookmark this internet site on delicious so that I can revisit again in the future.

** WOW, Ai, it must have hurt to run into the page on accident! **

From Filmy Online in Poland — re: Kanwal’s Healthy Corner – Happy Valentine’s Day!

The root of your writing while appearing agreeable at first, did not really sit well with me after some time. Somewhere within the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a short while. I still have a problem with your leaps in logic and you would do well to fill in those gaps. In the event you actually can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly be impressed.

** Here, I am thinking Filmy is allergic to chocolate-covered strawberries, which is the recipe he commented on… On the other hand, it all appeared agreeable at first, so maybe it was trying to get the strawberries to see his logic that pissed him off! Too bad we couldn’t make him a “believer”… **

Anyway, you see where I am going with this. Feel free to share your own Spam. We all get it, at one point or another…

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One Response to “Car Insurance, Viagra & Movies 4 Free = Spam Galore!”

  1. Debashri:

    God! I receive these every day!!! :) In addition to these, I also frequently receive Chinese characters which translate into ‘spam nonsense’ :) . And of course, the UK lottery and the Nigerian millionaire who chose ME to leave all his money! LOL!
    Oh! But best of the lot…. someone writes a stupid spam message to my dad (he has a website for my grandpa’s music) and he actually replies, ‘Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about. We are not that kind of a site’!!!!!
    But here’s a more dangerous example. I am listed on my craft academy’s website and I frequently get messages asking me for class fees. I replied once, and then came the reply that this lady was sending her son and a chaperone (why would her son need a chaperone!!!!) to learn the craft, from Europe. She would also send a check and would expect me to ‘pay’ the chaperone and keep the rest of the amount for myself. :) I caught it there, but one of my fellow instructors wrote back and received a reply asking for bank details to transfer the money, because the lady had ‘run out of checks’……
    Oh and the ‘manhood’ enhancing spams! Someone needs to tell them that they are wasting their time on the wrong audience half the time …. LOL!