Be KIND to Your Cravings

Every once in a while I want to be bad. During the recent Tribeca Film Festival, I had many an opportunity to cheat… At the Press Lounge, no less. NO, I don’t mean THAT kind of cheating, where you end up hurting a whole lot of people in the process. I mean culinary cheating, the kind that is only really bad to one’s own waistline. But thankfully, the caring men and women behind TFF and their sponsors were not only handing out Magnum ice cream, but also KIND bars, which turned out to be the better choice for me. Not that I didn’t indulge in quite a few Magnums in the process, but that’s a whole other blog entry altogether!

Personally, I find nutritional bars boring, protein bars crappy and energy bars, well, cardboard to my taste buds. But KIND bars are yummy, not too sweet, not too salty and the perfect combination of crunchy, chewy and delicious. Oh, and the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is like having Black Forest Cake in a health bar. Jam packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, this is one cheat I don’t mind getting caught with…

So far, I’ve found Trader Joe’s to have the best price, at $1.49 per bar, but I’m still sorting through the online shopping sites for a great bargain on bulk packages. If you stumble across a great deal, do share it. Remember, cheating doesn’t have to be bad for you! And I’m only talking about dietary cheating of course…

Top image courtesy of KIND LLC

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