John Turturro’s Passione — The Playlist on iTunes

If you buy one CD from iTunes this summer, make it the soundtrack from John Turturro’s cinematic love song to Naples, Passione. It’s a beautiful medley of traditional Neapolitan music, Arabic influences, reggae rhythms and a few songs you may even be able to sing along with. Most importantly, go watch the film if you are in NYC, at Film Forum starting June 22nd. Summer will never be the same again…


Most who know me also know that I typically don’t call myself an expert, at anything, because that leads down the perfect road to be proven wrong. But when it comes to Napoli, the magical character of its people and its infectious music, I am perfectly suited to appoint myself an authority. I grew up among the Neapolitan musical elite, hanging out by their feet and watching them perform night, after night, after night with my parents — who were fans and friends.

I also am truly my mother’s daughter, a “Napoletana Verace”, which roughly translates to “authentic Neapolitan”. But, as with anything else that comes from Naples, there is no real translation for it, only interpretation. So, while the other critics are simply showing their ignorance through their pieces and reviews of Passione — it’s been painful to watch even the mightiest among them fall — my own tribute to the film on the Huffington Post remains THE only one to read. The VERACE, true version…

Find below the playlist and click here for Passione on iTunes to purchase the set, just $9.99. N-joy!

Name Artist
1 Carmela Mina
2 Vesuvio (Film Mix) Spakka-Neapolis 55
3 Era de maggio Misia
4 Comme facette mammeta Pietra Montecorvino
5 O sole mio (Medley – Film Mix) Sergio Bruni, Massimo Ranieri & M’Barka Ben Taleb
6 Maruzzella Gennaro Cosmo Parlato
7 Malafemmena Massimo Ranieri
8 Don Raffaé Peppe Barra
9 Bammenella Angela Luce
10 Nun te scurda’ (Film Mix) Almamegretta, Raiz, Pietra Montecorvino & M’Barka Ben Taleb
11 Passione (Film Mix) James Senese
12 Passione (Strumentale – Film Mix) James Senese
13 Pistol Packin’ Mama Al Dexter & His Troopers
14 Tammurriata nera (Film Mix) Peppe Barra, Max Casella & M’Barka Ben Taleb
15 Catari’ (Film Mix) Fausto Cigliano
16 Caravan Petrol (Film Mix) Fiorello, John Turturro & Max Casella
17 ’A vucchella Enrico Caruso
18 Canto delle Lavandaie del Vomero (Film Mix) Fiorenza Calogero, Lorena Tamaggio & Daniela Fiorentino
19 Faccia Gialla (Film Mix) Enzo Avitabile & Bottari
20 Dove sta Zazà (Film Mix) Pietra Montecorvino & Max Casella
21 Indifferentemente (Film Mix) Misia
22 Napule è Pino Daniele
23 Sangh’è (Film Mix) James Senese
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