A Little Bit Thai, a Little Bit Tasty Tuna

Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking. I still want to be healthy and eat my daily recommended intake of protein, whole grains and veggies, but I don’t want to do anything more than popping a glass dish in the microwave and/or heating something up.

My beloved Trader Joe’s always comes to the rescue. This summer, I’ve rediscovered their prepared meals in pouches, which can be heated up whole in a pot of hot water — even better than microwaving, no messy dishes to wash! — and poured over some whole wheat couscous (super-fast) or some protein packed Quinoa. If you feel like having greens with it, a nice side salad with lemon juice and olive oil as dressing completes the meal.

This week, I’m hooked on the Thai Tuna in Green Curry Sauce. It’s super spicy, in a good way of course (is there ever a bad way?) and delicious over whole wheat couscous, which I have even learned to prepare in the microwave. OK, my Moroccan brothers and sisters, I could hear you gasp all the way over in Casablanca, sitting here while I type this. But honestly, the texture comes out fine and the time/pots saved is priceless. The Tuna in Green Curry Sauce comes with enough gravy to cover a good helping of couscous and even add a bit of zing to your salad. Get a nice hearty green one like Romaine and let it wilt a bit under the fragrant, hot steam of the Curry Sauce. Yum! And did I mention, it’s only $1.69 per packet?? OK, time for dinner!! N-joy!

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