Target Passport Fridays at the Queens Museum of Art

Well, when I saw a tweet about how tonight it’s “Target Passport Fridays: Egypt” at the QMA, I just had to find out more about it. So, for Friday August 12th, there will be music, film and dance from the grand country of Egypt. Can you say revolutions of the Arab Spring? I thought so, after all, you are an Ajnabee reader.

For this evening’s line-up, it’s Zikrayat is a music and dance ensemble dedicated to presenting the classical music and the dance traditions of Egypt and the greater Arab World and Heliopolis by Ahmad Abdalla, a 2009 film portraying the events of one day in the lives of a number of Cairo residents, full of the unfulfilled dreams and frustrating details of life in the overpopulated metropolis.

Next week, August 19th, it’s Colombia!

Top image courtesy of the Queens Museum of Art

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