Kanwal’s Healthy Corner: The Juice Thing…

By Kanwal Ullah

I recently rented Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary on Joe Cross’ 60-day juice fast to rid this handsome (at the time overweight) Australian of a chronic skin disease and reboot his system. Joe’s goal was to completely get off his medication, lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Joe started this process because he was at wits’ end with his health. He could not pump any more steroids into his body, so he turned to his body’s natural healing process. In order to accomplish this, he knew he had to gain strength in his body; he needed to fuel it well, with only fruits and vegetables in juice form. Yes, 60 days of total juicing. With a juicer and power generator in the back of his truck, Joe Cross went across the United States juicing and finding out about Americans views of a healthy lifestyle.

This documentary was very inspirational. A doctor closely monitored Joe’s health vitals every week, and although informative, the film was also shocking. There is a scene where Joe is asking people how long they think they will live with their current eating habits. I was shocked to hear people answering back with ages in the 50s and 60s. These were people with loved ones and family who seemed perfectly fine not to change their eating habits but rather die at such a young age. They were totally OK with not seeing their children grow up or spending the rest of their lives with their loved ones.


I suggest you watch Joe’s inspiring journey to a healthy lifestyle and see the outcome, by renting Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You can also get more information from the website.

Now, a proposition: Would you ever consider an all juice diet for 10 days to reboot your system? The benefits of juicing are amazing. You get the power of pounds of fruits and veggies, containing antioxidants that help you in fighting against the bad steroids in your body. Fighting so hard that they create an army of these antioxidants, to rid your body against the steroids. If you were ever at your wits’ end with your health, needed a healthy lifestyle change and wanted to live a longer, healthier lifestyle, would you do it? Or just simply to reboot your system…

If so, let’s start a Juice Challenge together! Join me on Facebook by Sunday September 4th — at Kanwal’s Healthy Corner — and post a note indicating you are interested in the 10-day juice challenge. We can form a group and send out recipes, all the while documenting our progress, as publicly as you feel comfortable, right on FB.

Photograph by Michele Aboud, styling by Sarah Denardi

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