Alphonso Mango Flavor Now at Red Mango!

I’m a Red Mango addict. I mean, so much so that I’ll look for it wherever I travel and am known to go out of my way to get some, be it in NYC, Singapore or Dubai. While I do sometimes stray from the brand name stuff, it’s never for long and never, never, never quite as pleasurable. Yesterday, in a fit of frozen yogurt desperation, after having watched an advance screening of Von Trier’s latest Melancholia, I even tried one of the FroYo trucks in Soho. That was the epitome of disappointment right there… Mushy mochi topping, way too hard and large chocolate chips, just one flavor of yogurt, vanilla, equaled AUGH!

These days, Red Mango founder and CCO Dan Kim is enjoying some great accolades. His company was just named #1 Smoothie and Frozen Yogurt Chain in 2011 Zagat Fast Food Survey, huuuuuge honor. All well deserved of course. But what got me to sit down and write this little piece today is Alphonso, not Zagat. Yup, going back to my Indian-loving roots, the latest flavor at Red Mango is none other than fabulously sweet, fragrant and delicious Alphonso Mango. When I tweeted about how great the flavor goes with a pinch of cardamom, a-la real time mango lassi, Kim himself tweeted back “You’re brilliant!” Don’t be surprised to find this creation on their smoothie menu at a Red Mango near you. Just ask for the Nina Special…

Me, I’m on my way to some right now. All this talk of Red Mango got me hungry for some. With the perfectly sized chocolate chips on top, of course!

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