Melt Chocolates, When When When!

On a trip to London, I was in the mood for a little treat. Something I could prepare in my hotel room, using the simple hot water kettle they provided, without making a grand mess of it and myself. Well, one fine afternoon, I walked into Harrods Food Hall, which BTW is like heaven on earth, only more fragrant and delicious, and after battling the scores of tourists and window shoppers there (incredible, some don’t buy as single thing but ogle like it’s going out of style) I found it!

What I found is a brand of chocolate, Melt, that is simply divine and makes these lovely “lollipop” looking things one dips in hot milk to create the most incredibly delicious hot chocolate this side of… Well, you get the drift. So I went back to Harrods to get more and now that I’ve run out, I’m dying to find a reason to go back across the pond… Anyone?

Anyway, jokes aside, if you do figure out that they sell this cocoa nectar of the gods here in the US, do let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll keep surfing the Melt website, which is visually delicious as well.

Image courtesy of Melt

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