Strauss Milky Pudding: Worth a Trip to the Holyland (Market)

I have a favorite Israeli store on St. Mark’s Place here in NYC, where I typically get my fill of Halloumi cheese and Labne, a sour soft cheese/yogurt best topped with olive oil and za’atar. The guys who own and work at Holyland Market are always so sweet, so gentlemanly, it really would be great if such individuals were running Israel today instead of the war mongers, money hungry old men who make the situation so impossible for their citizens and the surrounding Arab world. But I digress.

On my last visit to Holyland, I walked in while their supplier was unloading his goodies. We all started talking — he seemed to be very curious about where I had actually acquired my taste for Halloumi — then all of a sudden said “wait!’ and ran out of the store. He came back with a confection of four puddings — Strauss Milky. “Here, for you. Once you try these, you will be addicted.” The owner of the store confirmed his statement by disclosing that one of the reasons he opened Holyland Market was to be able to eat these delights, till now unavailable in the US.

So home I went, curious to taste this seemingly common combination of chocolate pudding and vanilla whipped cream topping. After lunch, I picked up one of the pudding cups and began my journey to heaven. TRULY. I mean, these things aren’t for the feeble-hearted, they are positively delicious. A superb combination of dark chocolate pudding and sweet vanilla cream, with just the right texture and consistency.

I believe the item costs about $5 for a box of four, when one actually has to purchase them, but I am now indeed an addict and once the last one will be gone — I estimate later today — I’ll run over to Holyland for my next dose. And I may even try the other flavors…

Top image courtesy of Wikipedia

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