Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives’ Martinis… Yeah, That’s Right!

On a recent fall outing with a favorite friend, I enjoyed a fabulous plate of blue cheese stuffed olives, which were supposed to come as part of a martini, but that night we were both in the mood for red wine. The waitress at the W Hotel in Union Square was super sweet and brought us the olives anyway, sans the booze. She could probably see the craving in our eyes…

Now I’m on a martini kick, must be the cold weather, so adding those heavenly olives to the cocktail and making it “dirty” is just a given and I’ve found this particular recipe on She of course, makes her olives from scratch. I prefer buying them and there’s a cool spot in Yorkville (UES) in NYC called Pickles & Olives that has them ready-made. Can’t go wrong with a place that specializes in just two things, can you?!

Here is the Vodka Martini recipe. Hope you’ll make it the highlight of some of your parties, this holiday season!

Serves Four:

  • 12 blue cheese stuffed olives
  • 3 oz Grey Goose Vodka
  • a splash of Vermouth

Skewer three olives for each glass. Fill martini glasses with ice water, fill the shaker with just ice, halfway full. Add the vodka and the vermouth and shake 30 times. Why 30? Martha says so.

Dump ice water from the glasses, fill with chilled mixture. Add skewers and enjoy!

Top image courtesy of, another great place to get your olives.

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