Yoga Great Jill Miller on the Huff Post

2011-03-18-Jillw_Balls_385.jpg In case you haven’t heard, there is a great Yoga controversy brewing in the world of Nirvana and Asanas. It was started by a science writer who wanted to sell his upcoming book and published a lengthy article in the NY Times. Anyway, without boring you with the details, the hoopla is all about how Yoga can wreck your body.

Me, I’ve practiced it on and off for as long as I’ve been able to balance on my two legs. When I danced as a child, we often cooled down after class by doing Yoga stretches, and still today, my exercise routine involves three practices a week, done on my own, in the welcomed solitude of my apartment while the sun rises in the East. I can’t imagine a world without exercise and honestly, I don’t want to. Actually, I believe that if all those who are thinking of starting wars and making threats at the moment were to practice a few Yoga poses together and do a bit of meditation instead of conniving, we would be much better off. But I digress.

A while back I met West Coast Yoga personality Jill Miller and can guarantee that she’s a wonderfully caring guide on the path to practicing correctly. So, read up on her and get acquainted with her background as well as her method, which are both unique and wonderful.

But you’ll have to read my full piece on the Huffington Post Healthy Living vertical, a first for me, to know what it’s all about. Trust me, your body, as well as your mind will thank me for it…

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