The Intouchables Fever Hits the US (and my personal tale of catching it)

On a recent trip to Italy, to interview this year’s Cannes Jury President and beloved Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti, I spent my off hours drinking cappuccinos and reading La Repubblica newspaper in the sun, on a piazza of choice for the day. It was then that I caught the news of French film “Les Intouchables” that had been translated as “Quasi amici” (Almost Friends) in Italian. I was dying to watch it but knew I would not enjoy the Italian dubbing, which is typically done to all foreign films, and so I passed. I regretted that choice on my return to the US…

Fast forward nearly two months and I found a personal, very touching piece on the Huffington Post written by the charming filmmakers of The Intouchables. In it they questioned why the film, so beloved across Europe, had not found the same reception among American critics, who instead remarked that Driss seemed “stereotypical” and not flattering to his race. I always love reading pieces from the heart and without thinking, I wrote a short comment, with a few words of encouragement. What I would like to find from a reader on a piece written by me… I was then contacted by the head of publicity at The Weinstein Company and so began my own personal infatuation with this wonderful wonderful film. As a HuffPo reader wrote below my piece about the film: “I’ll give my executive summary: great movie!” Indeed.

The film in turn connected me to the filmmakers Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache and, thanks to their time, generosity of spirit, fabulous comments and the Weinstein publicists, I began a new series, which aims to bring culture to those with not much time and even less of an attention span. Pretty much describes me and everyone I know.

So in honor of The Intouchables, I kicked off “FAST CULTURE — The Intouchables in 180 Seconds”: You give me three minutes, I’ll give you the world (of films, of fashion, of food and fun). The series is kindly sponsored by Canon USA, which is where my fabulously crisp, stable, beautiful images come from… Well actually from their new Canon VIXIA, which they have put at my disposal and I can no longer imagine living life without… Look out Abbas Kiarostami!

So watch the video, then read the full interview (if you’ve got the time) on the Huffington Post, and don’t forget to watch the film! Opening this Friday, May 25th across the US.

Image and trailer courtesy of The Weinstein Company, camera courtesy of Canon USA

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