Everybody Was Kung Fu Drinking…

I’ve got a new addiction and I’m not afraid to admit it: Bubble tea. But not just any run of the mill, Chinatown bubble tea — the drink originated in the tea shops of Taiwan — the kind that comes from the folks at Kung Fu Tea. On my way to an appointment yesterday, I grabbed a Longan Honey tea with bubbles (in case you don’t know what bubbles are, they are little spheres of heaven, made up of tapioca and sugar) and it totally did the trick on a hot, steamy, humid NYC day.

Kung Fu is going to open more locations by the end of the year, but in the meanwhile, you can find them in the East Village and in Chinatown. Tell me which one is your favorite… Me, I’m still in process of trying them all out!

Image courtesy of Kung Fu Tea

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