Ruba Nadda’s Latest Is Inescapable

It’s no secret how much I adored Cairo Time, filmmaker Ruba Nadda’s last oeuvre. But I’m also looking forward to her next, titled Inescapable and starring Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson and Marisa Tomei. It’s a story of a father looking for his kidnapped daughter in Syria and it’s as straight-out-of-today’s-headlines modern as they make them. Movies that is, how they make them movies…

Anyway, it’s screening for the first time at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and I’m thinking it can’t, can’t, can’t be missed, particularly given my personal fascination with Siddig. Perhaps no movie will ever take the place in my heart that Cairo Time has been occupying for the last two and some years, but at least this film promises to be a close contender. N-joy a very limited first look at the trailer for the film and see you at TIFF!


All images courtesy of Alliance Films, used with permission

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