Bekas Secures Distribution, in ME & Italy

2013-03-06-BEKAS_Poster.jpg It is said that girls are always looking for a knight in shining armor — and perhaps that’s true. But from the looks of a few recent cinematic projects, it seems we are all, men and women alike, looking for a superhero. In a current Kickstarter campaign — which was brought to my attention by recent interview and artistic maverick Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki — filmmaker Brett Culp delves into the wonder of Batman and all the great positivity the superhero has always inspired in kids, big and small, everywhere. Culp’s fascinating documentary is titled Legends of the Knight and offers a touching look at how the myth of Batman helps heal and triumph, even in sometimes seemingly impossible situations. And by the looks of how many current Kickstarter campaigns feature superheroes, I’d say Batman, Spider-man and the likes are definitely here to stay as man’s favorite fantasy confidants.

At the Dubai International Film Festival back in December, I watched Bekas, a film about two young orphaned brothers living in Kurdistan during Saddam Hussein’s rule. Zana and Dana are children of the land made infamous by Hussein’s atrocities, but they lean upon the legend of an unlikely ally to help them survive their difficult surroundings and miserable situation: Superman. Or, as the brothers call him, “Zooperman.” When they surreptitiously watch the superhero in action through a hole in the wall of their local cinema, they decide to go to Amrika (America) to find Superman and live within the shelter of his super life. “Does Zooperman have a father?” One asks the other. “Yes, his name is Super Dad!”


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