The Pitti Uomo Diaries, Part 4

Is fashion all about the way one looks or does it also allow for great insight, character and personality? I believe the latter, which is why I didn’t think twice about writing a few “Pitti Uomo Diaries” as part of my ongoing cultural activism. A few people decided to unfollow me in the last week, because of this new interest, but you know what… That only speaks much about their own shortsightedness. In fact, if you don’t realize that what you wear has a huge influence Eduaron what you say, do and how you feel, I think you’re better off watching Fox News.

For the rest of us, Pitti Uomo was a personal favorite. It featured fashions ahead of their times, wonderful performances, some cool upcoming trends that I wouldn’t mind borrowing from menswear, all showcased within the beautiful city of Florence, where both the food and sightseeing are simply outstanding.

I was blessed that before I treaded into these new waters, I could call upon some of my stylish friends to give me advice. From fashion illustrator Eduard Erlikh I got a quick refresher course in menswear terminology, which for A/W 2016 includes a lot of Savile Row tailored suiting, short booties for men, reinvented tartans and of course, parkas, parkas and more parkas. Some even in fur, both real and synthetic. Oh, and lets not forget pink for men. I loved it, done all the way at Hood By Air, or in just touches as dusty rose trousers at Marni.

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