Life Advice #2: Free Massage, Every Single Day


OK, so you’re thinking “Nina’s lost it” but no, not yet. You can get a free massage each and every day of your life, if you get some balls. A set of these lovely rubbery colorful balls pictured below, which I found at Whole Foods’ Whole Body shop in Manhattan, but really, they’re everywhere. And if you can’t get these “professional” massage balls, two tennis balls or a dog’s toy ball of medium firmness will do. Mine cost less than 9 bucks for the pair.

I’ll add a personal note here, and why I bought these massage balls. I’ve been struggling with lower backache for the past six months. Part tension, part poor stretching (read: NONE) during my writing sessions, it got so bad I would need an intermediate position of excruciating pain each time I went from standing to sitting. Truly. And after just a week of serious, fully dressed-in-exercise-clothes-on-a-yoga-mat-self-administered-and-completely free massages, I’m as good as new. The link is to a series of moves to get you started. To get more, check out YouTube.

If you have delicate skin, you can use a tennis ball instead, it may avoid you some bruising. And if you’ve had back surgery, then I would check with a doctor before starting any new routine.

So here is a little mid-week gift from me to you, because it is true that we are sometimes the least kind to ourselves, in the struggle to make those around us more content.

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