Dev Patel and Jake Gyllenhaal at DIFF

It’s no secret that sometimes I watch movies for all the wrong reasons… Because I like the stars in a rom-com or admire the actress in a drama. Yup, cat’s out of the bag, cinema for me is a visual art… Isn’t it for you??

So both Dev Patel and Jake Gyllenhaal are high on that list of mine where I would go to watch them read the NYC phone book (as if such a thing still exists!) or just read out the menu of Shake Shack.

I recently came face to face with Patel and listened to a talk with Gyllenhaal at the epicenter of all good things cinematic, the Dubai International Film Festival and you can read about it all on the HuffPost.  A teaser you say? Well, they are both handsome… And all grown up!

Read my blog post on the Huffington Post.

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