Interviewing Kirsten Dunst…

When I say “I must fall in love with every man, woman or film” I write about, I mean it.

As I walked into the luxury hotel suite at Berlinale, stripped bare for the occasion, to interview Kirsten Dunst, I felt a surge of happiness. Here I was, standing across from one of the loveliest, prettiest, most watchable stars I’ve ever known, ready to find out what makes her laugh, cry, hope and dream. It’s an experience that feels otherworldly, to interview someone whose work you’ve long admired. Much like finding a fudge, frosted, chocolate chip cake that doesn’t have any calories.

Dunst is every bit the style icon I expected her to be. With her simple blouse paired with black pants and high heels, she was the off-duty movie star from beautifully shiny head of perfectly blond hair to toes. And giggling with her and her publicist on some other journo’s time about her appearance on Star Trek when she was a child, was priceless.

Read the entire interview with Kirsten Dunst on the Huffington Post, but here’s a quote from one fabulous woman, to get you in the mood.

“What do you look for in the movies you watch?

Kirsten Dunst: I think some movies I’ve loved and they changed the way I think about acting and some movies I never think about again. I mean if I go to the movies sometimes I wanna see something really silly… I remember I went to go see this movie, I think it was called The Best of Me, a Nicholas Sparks one, you know how they make all those. My best friend was pregnant and I think she gave birth the next day. So she was super pregnant and I was like “lets go see this movie,” she wanted to go see it, she loves sappy things. So we went. And we got into it and I started to cry, but I’ve never laughed so hard at myself for crying at a movie. But that’s what I mean, I’ve never done that but I’ll never forget that movie because of that. I was laughing hysterically at myself crying, which is so cheesy.”

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