Confessions of a Gucci Mama

OK, so I’m neither a mama, nor do I wear Gucci as often as I’d like, but come on, the brand is on fire! Ever since Alessandro Michele was appointed as creative head of the Florentine fashion house, his clothing, shoes and accessories (yes, the bee watch!) are all I crave.

So what it is about this relative fashion unknown that is setting the usually clique-y world of fashionistas on fire? He’s a smart blend of hip, frilly and cool. That’s what. I mean check out these looks, do I need to say more?

To date, my favorite purchase of 2016 is a pair of gold flats by Gucci, studded by a tiny gold star and wrapped in the brand’s signature ribbon — reinvented by Michele of course! They make any and every outfit I wear them with and even withstood the test of film festival madness in Venice, holding up beautifully and cuddling my feet. And the price, well way way way less than any Louboutins or Jimmy Choo’s I tell you.

So this is why I’m a Gucci Mama.

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