The Pitti Uomo 91 Diaries: Day One

A man without a knowledge of his history is like a zebra without stripes.

As if channeling the wise words of the South African proverb I found written outside an Ndebele village years ago, Italians realize that fashion is about tradition — beyond the seasonal trends that may come and go. Nowhere is that more visible than at in Florence.

Florence. The city where the Made in Italy mark was born, 65 years ago, inside the iconic Sala Bianca (the White Room) of Palazzo Pitti. Where this season, Florentine menswear maestro Stefano Ricci will “reopen” the room, by showing his collection in the Sala Bianca, the first collection to be shown there since 1982 when the Pitti Palace was officially turned into a museum. A lucky mere 180 spectators will experience in full what I managed to sneak a peak of last night, on my way to the inauguration of the Foto Locchi exhibit. I heard music, I saw a crack in the door, and the rest is fashionista history, as they say. But back to Pitti Uomo and Foto Locchi for the moment.

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