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The Italians are coming: the rebirth of Italian cinema in Cannes

Just as Italian politics turned disastrous this week — we basically had a political coup d’état performed by our own president, even if he was right to do so — cinema is making us proud. I wonder if Italians realize that between Matteo Garrone’s ‘Dogman’ opening mid-May right after its Cannes premiere and Alice Rohrwacher’s ‘Lazzaro Felice’ opening in cinemas this weekend, they are in the midst of one of their proudest moments in this renaissance of movies Made in Italy…

I do, and as an Italian I feel damn proud. As a woman… Well don’t even get me started about great Italian women. And their place in the community of cinema.

So this week my website is dedicated to Italian cinema, just as ‘Happy as Lazzaro’ begins to screen in Rome at Nanni Moretti‘s Nuovo Cinema Sacher. Talk about coming full circle for me. I’ll spare you the sentimentality. But if you want to watch it there, here is the link.

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