I have experienced the most fun in life whenever I have ventured off the beaten path. I also believe that it's fantastic to be a stranger - everywhere. That feeling of discovery, combined with a special vulnerability and an increased level of communication, allow for adventures beyond the ordinary.
Join me on this journey of discovery for a fresh new look at your city, your world and your life. And remember to always be a stranger, a foreigner and a tourist, no matter what you do.

The True Cost of Fast Fashion

I had the privilege to meet Livia Firth in Cannes. She’s everything a real woman should be and more. And she believes in a different business model for consumers. She’s changed the way I shop and you should read this interview on the Huffington Post with her about the film she’s produced, titled The True Cost (directed by Andrew Morgan) to find out why.

Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer of the film and a schedule of where it’s currently playing or how to stream/download it.