I have experienced the most fun in life whenever I have ventured off the beaten path. I also believe that it's fantastic to be a stranger - everywhere. That feeling of discovery, combined with a special vulnerability and an increased level of communication, allow for adventures beyond the ordinary.
Join me on this journey of discovery for a fresh new look at your city, your world and your life. And remember to always be a stranger, a foreigner and a tourist, no matter what you do.

Discovering Azerbaijan in Cannes: Torn

While I anxiously await watching another gem from Azerbaijan in Venice, Nabat by talented director Elchin Musaoglu, I wanted to revisit this short film, Torn, that with its simplicity of message and minimalism of words and look, really stayed with me. Following the excerpt of the article, for the full interview with the filmmakers, check out The Huffington Post.


While a cacophony of media and breaking news buzz around us in our daily lives, I personally need the human touch to help me understand a country or a situation. And for that human touch I turn to art, music or even better, cinema to get me to the heart of the matter.

In Cannes this year, the country of Azerbaijan seemed to leap out at me from every corner. It was inescapable. There were friendly conversations incorporating quotes from Laila and Majnun, the famous poem about the Romeo and Juliet of the East, by Nizami Ganjavi, considered a Persian poet but who is of course, by birth, Azerbaijani.