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New Year’s Wisdom from Filmmaker Lee Daniels

Just in time for the ideal reflections on the new year ahead, I sat down with filmmaker Lee Daniels on a terrace overlooking the splendid Arabian Gulf during the recent Dubai International Film Festival. Daniels served as Jury President for the Muhr Feature Competition in Dubai and turned out to be the best interview, the kind that simply “shut it down” for me — as Rachel Zoe would put it. In fact, after speaking with Daniels, I found it difficult to interview anyone else. Probably because, through his great wit, the wonderful self-mocking way he talks about his work and himself, I learned so much, I didn’t really need anything more.

For his complete wisdoms, you’ll have to check out my piece on The Huffington Post.

But I leave you with a suggested list of films from Daniels, worth watching…