‘The Ugly Truth’ – Is It Real?!

A lot of you may be surprised to find out that I’m an absolute romantic when it comes to films. You really could have guessed it from my taste in Bollywood blockbusters which seem to regularly center around some tender affair. Of course, I also adore beautifully made films that feature unconventional happy endings, such as ‘Luck By Chance’ and ‘Dev.D’ but my impeccable taste does deviate now and again to a charmingly scripted American rom-com… I devoured the film version of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and really enjoy watching ‘The Holiday’ whenever it’s on TV and I have the evening to myself. It’s in that particular vein of film watching that I am looking forward to ‘The Ugly Truth’, a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler as an odd couple — basically two very opinionated people out to disprove each other’s theories on love and dating.

There is a line in the film’s trailer that absolutely has me in stitches every time. The bit where Butler’s character pulls on Heigl’s pony tail and states something like ‘You should grow your hair, men want something to hold on to’. If you have been following this bloggie’s adventures in the land of dating then you must have come across this piece where you’ll find something eerily similar in paragraph one… If I had a dime for every time I was told that I needed to change something about myself to appeal to men, I would not need to work at all! But I digress.

The film title and its premise got me thinking about male/women relations. I am fortunate to have a few male friends who keep me informed on the inner dialogue of the male species, when it comes to romance and women. But even with their invaluable and candid insight, I am still a babe in the woods when it comes to comprehending the opposite sex. Exhibit A. 

Recently, I was introduced to a handsome, employed, well balanced and European man. I state all of the above because were one of these ‘qualities’ missing, the final outcome might have been easier to understand. Aforementioned man had also openly admitted wanting to settle down to a mutual friend and the type of partner he seeks, in words, fits me to a T. Where we wish to be in five years, and even in fifteen, could have been scripted by the same playwright, it’s so closely identical! A polite, well mannered, well educated man, he was friendly and talkative in my presence and even brought out the heavy artillery during dinner: showing off photos of his family, parents, European estate, nieces, horses, etc…

Now, before you get all excited and begin shopping for a rocking outfit to wear to our countryside wedding, I have not heard from him since! It was a particularly good evening for me: I wasn’t talking too much, or showing off all my talents at once, but listened and appreciated the man I saw in him. That is me at my best. Calm and secure, without a hidden agenda. He brought out that adorable side of me, of course! At the end of the evening he obviously felt some sort of separation anxiety and even asked for an item of mine he absolutely, desperately needed to wear to some party. I obliged. If I like someone — and my friends can vouch for me — I am generous beyond the meaning of the word… Not if it’s expected and not to people who clearly are only out to take, take, take. But this man was charming, vulnerable, cute and did I mention HANDSOME?! I gave without thinking twice. And his silence has been deafening as a result.

So, on ‘The Ugly Truth’ website there are several fun games and wonderful interactive dating advice, as well as a forum to post your own ugly truths about dating and the opposite sex. Do visit the site and partake, it made for a really entertaining time this afternoon and a good way to postpone work I should get done. But I suggest we start our own ugly truth chain, perhaps using Facebook as a forum or posting our thoughts on Twitter. It’s amazing how great the gap is between what women and men say they want in dating and what they actually end up doing!!

p.s. You must read this hilarious article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer featuring a fictitious pitch meeting between the director of the film and studio heads. It’ll leave you in stitches!

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