Enchanting, Pricey and Priceless Adventures

Do pick up a copy of Salman Rushdie’s new novel “The Enchantress of Florence”. It’s an amazing read and Sir Rushdie is at the absolute top of his game in this book. At the risk of being criticized for my statement, I dare say this is his best work yet! Which isn’t to say that I didn’t positively love reading “The Satanic Verses”, “Midnight’s Children” and even his lesser known work of non-fiction “Step Across This Line”. But “The Enchantress of Florence” is just so close to my heart – uniting the two cultures that have made me the woman I am today – and so full of amazing wisdom and humor. Sir Rushdie never ceases to amaze and delight and must be commended for always having the freshness to take us higher and higher, with each of his books. If you have any doubts at all, I suggest reading the piece I wrote for Chic Today, covering the Book Launch Party held here in NYC. And to see Salman Rushdie in a rare personal appearance discussing this latest book, do check him out at the NY Public Library on June 27th, at 7 p.m..

Check out the Hiroshi Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum before it closes on July 13th. Murakami is the fantastic artist who is best known for his collaboration with fashion house Louis Vuitton a couple of years ago, and those coveted bags with cherries, flowers and beads all over them. His genius lies in the concepts behind those colorful, almost childish characters and designs. Make a day of it and spend the whole afternoon in Brooklyn. For more info and to find out exactly what is nearby the exhibit, click on “Murakami and the BBG”.

I recently saw a gem of a film in a small movie theater in the West Village. Apart from the fact that every single man employed at the Cinema Village seems to be charmingly handsome and surprisingly NOT gay – for such an obvious location – the film itself, “Priceless” was something I would not have chosen to watch and was then SO glad I did! I mean, I hear “French film” and I think talk-talk-talk-talk-talk, subtitles too fast to catch, loads of unattractive men and homely women with unshaven armpits, all smoking way too much. Hey, I’m European too and it’s really not a myth about French women… But I digress. Anyway, my preconceived notions could not have been further from the truth. The film has it all, sparkling couture clothing and shoes, a charming (Moroccan-born Gad Elmaleh) leading man, Audrey Tautou finally playing the coquettish woman she truly deserves to be, and wide shots of Nice that will make you wish you could be there right now. My suggestion: run to see it before it’s gone for good, as it’s been around more than two months.

I am pretty partial to horses at it is and when they closed down Claremont Academy, on the Upper West Side, I was pretty bummed. People went as far as holding picket signs and chanting to the departing horses; of course I drew the line at simply mourning the end of an era. But the sound of hooves are thundering on the UWS once more, this time inside the American Museum of Natural History. With their current exhibit “The Horse”, the Museum celebrates the beauty, grace and power of an animal whose destiny will always go hand in hand with the American West. But for a laugh, do check out who the corporate sponsors for the exhibit are. I won’t give it away, but I’ll give you a hint: they tend to own a lot of… Arabians.

As soon as I saw the opening shot of the “Sex and the City” movie, I knew I needed to add some flowers to my wardrobe. Little did I know, at the time, that I would be able to own the very flower that Carrie Bradshaw sports on her awesome asymmetric white dress. YES, you too can own it, for just under $50. That’s not too steep a price for the kind of accessory that can make an outfit, not to mention turn you into the talk of the town. Instead of buying a $50 t-shirt or a $50 top, just add flower to top you already own and you’ve got a winner of an outfit. If you need to view the dress in question, click to the right of the site on my Virb account, where I have posted a photo from SATC. For the actual flower, contact M & J Trimming in NYC and ask for the “Carrie” flower. They’ll know exactly what you mean. Remember: Carrie flower + your top = WINNING outfit. N-joy!

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