Kanwal’s Healthy Corner – Mac N Cheese My Way

Yes, you can have your mac n cheese and eat it too! Growing up, I’m sure all of us have had our share of mac n cheese in some way or form. Whether it is gourmet or straight from a box, mac n cheese can be the ultimate comfort food. Although this is very delicious, it can be not very nutritious. Go ahead and have your mac n cheese, but try my little trick to add some nutrition into this comfort food. You and your loved ones won’t even know how nutritiously good this can be because they will be floored by the comforting, warm taste of macaroni and cheese.


Cheese of your choice
Butternut squash (if using cheddar cheese) or Cauliflower (if using any white cheese)


If you are using cheddar cheese, bake your squash till tender, then puree with a little bit of water in a blender. If you are using a white cheese, boil cauliflower florets till tender, then puree. Cook macaroni as instructed on the box, drain, then add the puree of your choice, then add the cheese and stir. You may also add any other fix ins you normally add to your mac n cheese.

The butternut squash add lots of fiber and vitamins to your otherwise nutritiously bored mac n cheese!


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