Haresh Lalvani: Decoding the Morphological Genome

I am not too proud to admit that the title of this piece first made my brain hurt, until I finally broke the sentence down to a language I could more easily understand. Basically, in unartistic and unscientific terms, Haresh Lalvani is a student of shapes, an artist of multi-dimentional proportions and an explorer of multicellular organisms. Where we see things in three-D, four at most, he sees the world in hundreds of dimensions. OK, so that wasn’t THAT much easier to grasp, but simply, quite simply put, looking at the image top left here will set your questions to rest. It’s visually stunning and that is REALLY all I need to know about an artist, a person, a genius. That he or she can make something which primordially appeals to my heart, my soul and my mind too. But most importantly, to my heart…

Luckily for us in NYC – the city with culture that never sleeps – Lalvani has a current solo exhibit. Core Formula presents 2Point5D+ is a solo show at the de CASTELLANE GALLERY which is located at 525 Atlantic Ave. and 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. 2Point5D+ will last through February 14th and is one NOT to be missed. But for an even more special insiders’ experience, there will be a private reception on Thursday, Dec 16th 2010, 6-8pm at the gallery, to which you must immediately RSVP by calling 347-599-2017 if you wish to attend.

From Lalvani’s statement come the following: “Haresh Lalvani (b.1946) Ph.D., sculptor, architect, morphologist, visual mathematician, inventor and a professor at Pratt Institute, has been working for over 30 years to “decode the morphological genome” – essentially, identifying the principles underlying all natural and manmade forms… In sequencing the morphological genome and sculpting works derived from such principles, Lalvani stands at the dawn of genomic art as Alberti did at the dawn of perspective painting and Picasso at the dawn of Cubism.”

If Lalvani’s name seems familiar, he was part of the fantastic Erasing Borders exhibit this past summer, organized by the IAAC. I can vouch that his work is best admired in person, not in photographs. His vision is so broad and his horizon so much further away and interesting than ours, it will prove to be a life-changing experience to be in same room with lots of his work!

For more info on Haresh Lalvani check out his profile on Core.Form-ula and for all directions and info on this event, go to the de CASTELLANE GALLERY site. For a serious art-critic view of Lalvani’s work, check out this piece by Steven Mesler in the Huffington Post.

Top photo ©Drew Lackey, middle and bottom images courtesy of de CASTELLANE GALLERY

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